Installation on Debian-Based Systems

Qosium Scope can be installed by using the Debian package management system. This works in Ubuntu and other Debian-based Linux systems in Terminal or package manager applications, like Software Center and Synaptic.

1. Installation #

First, sign in to your account and access your downloads page. Then download Qosium products for the target machine.

The name of the product file should have format QosiumScope_<version_details>.deb, for example QosiumScope_Ubuntu_18.04_64_20200513.deb.

To install a new copy, or to upgrade an existing one, open terminal and run

sudo dpkg -i QosiumScope_<version_details>.deb

After installation, you can check which version of Qosium Scope is installed by running:

dpkg -l qosiumscope

2. Launching Scope #

After installation, Scope can be launched by executing the following command in the terminal:

Qosium Scope does not require root/sudo privileges.

3. Uninstallation #

To remove Qosium Scope from the device, run:

sudo dpkg -r qosiumscope