Qosium Documentation

Qosium Documentation is a comprehensive collection of articles that explain how to use Qosium products to perform network measurements. The documentation also contains information on general concepts of the topic, as well as tutorials, explanations, and references. With the help of this documentation, anybody with basic understanding of computer networks should be able to perform network measurements with Qosium.

1. Welcome to Qosium Documentation! #

This documentation serves as an entry point both for passive network quality measurements and mastering Qosium. If you’re not familiar with these topics, taking some time to read this documentation certainly pays back in the long run.

Due to the rapid development of Qosium, this documentation is continuously amended, corrected, edited, and revamped. We do our best to keep this documentation up to date to make using Qosium a smooth experience. However, should you notice deficiencies, feel free to report them to supportkaitotek.com, and we shall redeem the situation.

2. Documentation Contents #

The documentation is divided into the following sections. The first four sections give important conceptual information on how to perform measurements with Qosium, as well as hands-on tutorials and practical examples.

Each Qosium application has its own documentation branch. Keep the corresponding documentation page close while working with a Qosium software for maximal efficiency.

Troubleshooting is created to help you overcome common stumbling blocks and to list the known issues and caveats for using Qosium. We recommend quickly browsing through this section to learn its contents, should it come in useful later.

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