Installation on Red Hat Based Operating Systems

Qosium Probe installation package is provided as a tar.gz package and the installation happens in command line interface. The same installation method works on CentOS, Red Hat, and other operating systems that are similar to Red Hat.

1. Preparations #

First, sign in to your account and access your downloads page. Then download Qosium products for the target machine. The package is typically named as QosiumProbe_<version_details>.tar.gz, where the <version_details> part depends on version to another and may contain many identifiers.

2. Installation #

First, extract the tar.gz package by opening a Terminal:

tar -zxvf QosiumProbe_<version_details>.tar.gz

Then, go into the extracted directory by typing:

cd QosiumProbe

Run the install script as root:


The installation procedure asks whether you want to set Qosium Probe as a Systemd service or to be started manually.

The installed Qosium Probe files can be found at /opt/QosiumProbe/.

3. Uninstall #

The uninstall script is located in the same extracted folder where the was. To uninstall Qosium Probe, run the following in Terminal with root privileges: