Qosium Scopemon

Qosium Scopemon is the key to continuous and automated monitoring of critical applications and services. This sibling of Qosium Scope is designed for constant, always-on traffic monitoring instead of targeted measurements.

1. Smart Monitoring #

Qosium Scopemon is a measurement controller targeted for automated QoS monitoring. Like always with Qosium, the service/application to be monitored can be everything without limits on network technologies throughout the measurement path. Qosium takes monitoring accuracy to the next level, which is required, especially for critical communications systems, where a decrease of quality can seize production, delay deliveries, or even cause damage and injuries.

Qosium Scopemon implements all measurement features of Qosium Probe. Two-point measurement is optimized: the measurement is on only when the traffic specified as interesting is flowing in the network. Scopemon can be used centrally, but the more typical usage scenario is to use it in a distributed manner. This distributes the measurement processing load and minimizes the results reporting overhead.

The commissioning of Scopemon is straightforward. After installation, the parameterization work includes configuring interesting traffic types (application and services) and measurement paths. Once Scopemon is started, its operation if fully autonomous. It is common to set Qosium Scopemon to start during the boot process of the host machine. This ensures that the monitoring of critical services/applications takes place whenever the network device is powered on.

Qosium Scopemon makes it simple for you to monitor multi-user large-scale networks. The results can be stored in a persistent database from which a real-time situation awareness dashboard of the network can be created.

2. Startup #

Qosium Scopemon can be run virtually on any modern PC with a desktop environment. Scopemon is started simply by running the executable QosiumScopemon without parameters. This will launch the GUI, where the measurement can be monitored. If GUI is parameterized off, Scopemon will just run and perform its tasks in the background. Scopemon is configured by editing the configuration file.

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