Qosium to Axis Cameras

Do you use network cameras, but the connection quality variation makes things complicated? Is it due to increased delays or insufficient network capacity, Qosium tells it. Qosium measurement is now available for Axis Communications devices, including network cameras, video encoders, door stations, and audio systems.

April 23rd, 2021

Camera applications pose strict QoS demands for connectivity. Most use cases require low-latency and lossless video pictures for safe and efficient utilization. Whether it is surveillance, video analysis, or remote controlling, prompt transfer and high quality of the video are the key.

Qosium is now available for Axis’s cameras and lets you measure and continuously monitor how networks treat your video traffic during everyday operations. You get real-time visibility on the QoS of video streams without burdening networks with artificial test traffic. Depending on the use case, the utilization of the Qosium results can vary. Overall, knowledge of the connectivity quality for your video streams helps you trust what you see.

In remote controlling, all your actions depend on what you see. It can be managing doors in a train, driving a tractor on a field, or controlling a crane in a port. Too high delay in the network increases accident risks and impacts efficiency. Increased delay variation or packet loss may be a sign to act extra cautiously or even trigger a safety stop in the machine. In remote controlling, a video stream is only half of the game. Reliability of transferring control commands promptly is evenly essential, which can also be covered with Qosium simultaneously.

In surveillance systems, real-time QoS information for the video ensures that the video data is delivered to monitoring systems with high quality and in time without experiencing extra latencies in the network. In large-scale camera networks, you can have a centralized view of each camera’s connectivity quality. Monitoring data rates and packet losses help you optimize video compression in the camera according to the prevailing network conditions.

Scenarios typical of action movies where the camera source is switched to something else dynamically do not happen without detecting it immediately. The measurement ensures the video you see always comes from the original source retaining data integrity.

It is the first time you get access to real-time information on the effect of connectivity on real-time IP video streaming, straight from the camera to the device it’s played.

Qosium Probe is delivered as an Axis application installer package, making it very easy to commission and manage the software.