Fujitsu Finland has integrated Qosium for advancing the quality monitoring of IT systems to a new level

Fujitsu Finland has adopted Kaitotek’s Qosium in their APM service. Qosium provides visibility on network quality with the accuracy and detail level that has not been possible earlier.

November 23rd, 2021

Traditionally, periodical availability-based monitoring with test traffic has been sufficient for most IT environments. This is not the case anymore, but continuous monitoring is needed. Networks play an increasingly essential part in everyday business, and more critical services rely on network communications. Business-critical services are connected, but the recent move to using more remote working has also emphasized network quality and reliability. Networks are one of the most critical parts of many organizations.

Kaitotek’s Qosium tells in real-time how applications and services experience their connectivity, i.e., the QoS they get from the network. Detecting even the slightest deviations in network quality helps immediately find whether service disruptions are due to the network or something else, like the malfunctioning service itself. If it’s the connectivity, finding the problem location is quick by monitoring the traffic characteristics and QoS in different network parts. Sporadic and mild connectivity problems, disrupting many real-time applications, are difficult to be observed with traditional solutions that perform active measurements with artificial test traffic.

Fujitsu Finland has integrated the capabilities of Qosium into their advanced APM (Application Performance Management) service. Qosium extends their detailed monitoring also to cover the QoS of network connections. The obtained solution satisfies the monitoring requirements even for the most mission-critical connected services.