Qosium Storage

Qosium Storage is a results server, which is optimized for storing Qosium measurement results.

In constant or large-scale measurements, the results data amounts can grow large rapidly. In these cases, it’s often better to use a centralized results server than, for example, a local files for storing results. Qosium Storage is a solution for long term storing and search of Qosium measurement results.

Qosium Storage is a results server composed of a relational database amended by a QMCP protocol reception. The structure of the database is optimized for Qosium average results. Since Qosium is often run without data base connections or even in a private network separated from Internet, Qosium Storage is not included in normal Qosium distribution but is always available upon request.

What is noteworthy, Qosium results can be taken to any other results service that applies a QMCP reception interface. We provide our customers with the QMCP API upon request.