Kaitotek Kickstarts 2019 with New Website

As you may have already noticed, the site looks a bit different than before. Throughout its existence, Kaitotek has been growing and evolving constantly, setting new requirements on how we serve our customers online. It was evident that a complete overhaul of the site was needed. Therefore we decided to scrap the old site entirely in favor of creating a new site on a fresh foundation.

March 23rd, 2019

While there’s a ton of features which make our job easier, I’d like to instead present the key enhancements how the new site works better for you as a user:

Privacy and security as priorities

Not that we collected a lot of information in our old site, but now we don’t do it at all (besides the mandatory authentication cookie, when a user logs in). Our privacy policy page walks you through in our information collection process in great detail. Having third-party analytics would be great for us, but often enough, the cost would be a compromise of our customers’ privacy. That’s why we opt to develop our own analytic tools, which leave your personal information out right from the start.

For this reason, you don’t see that annoying cookie consent popup in our site for collecting your information - we just don’t do that. Kaitotek actually values your privacy by not handing your information to third-party trackers.

Information is easily available and neatly organized

Your personal information is displayed in your account page, along with shortcuts to the most useful places. Downloads are categorized and clearly tagged with useful info, such as version, OS, file size, license, etc. Support request can be made from any page, and contact information can be found in the footer as well.

Huge speed & performance improvement

Instead of bells and whistles, we focused on providing the core functionality and best possible user experience. The size of the site has been shrunk to 10% of the original, while still providing more content than before. The speedup becomes evident especially in page loading times.

Future Roadmap

The site is of course never fully complete, and new content and features will emerge in the future. We will put effort especially in providing more documentation and tutorials, so that you can better understand as a new user how your products work, and also easily refer back to docs when using Qosium. User services and localization are also our main focus areas, of which the product portal and Finnish locale are great examples.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or issues related to the website, don’t be afraid to drop me an email. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy our new site!

Janne Seppänen

Lead UI/UX Designer